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Common ADHD / Creative Personality Trait: It seems so effortless and easy for other people, why can't I make myself do things I want to do?

"I know what to do but can't make myself do it"

The above statement is like a mantra among creative, right-brain people with ADD traits!

Because we thrive on spontaneity and the joy of discovery, we tend to get bored almost to physical pain by repetitive routines. Because we can see solutions so quickly in our minds, we tend to get overwhelmed and almost paralyzed by things that take a long time to implement or have lots of steps to follow.

We love to discover, research and learn. We are great at it. We thrive on new challenges. We read books, go to workshops and get excited about new systems, gadgets and approaches to help us manage our time, increase productivity, reduce procrastination, and become more organized. We may even take great joy in setting up a new system, yet somehow, we often have great difficulty actually using our systems consistently. We are off to the next new and exciting idea. We often "know" what to do, but are baffled by our inability to make ourselves do what it takes to acheive the goals we set for ourselves...even when we really care about them!


"It seems so effortless and easy for other people, 

why can't I just do it?"

ADDers and Creatives tend to have a strong preference for keeping options open. Therefore we experience life very differently from the majority of people. Even though we crave structure, making plans can feel like it takes the joy out of things. Being different isn't easy. Other people seem to be able to make decisions easily and follow through on their plans. Why can't we? Why do we seem to change our minds so often? Why can't we be more like them and "just do it" when we are capable of so much greatness?

This difference affects our careers, businesses, relationships and our physical, mental, and emotional health. Being stuck in indecision, or trying to maximize everything, and not waste time, energy, effort and money, can leave us feeling stressed, depressed, and hopeless.

It may seem like everyone else is able to make work and career choices, build satisfying relationships and families, get organized and get things done almost effortlessly compared to how challenging it is for you to get yourself through the day and complete the tasks and projects you set out to do.

I know how bad it feels sometimes. But I also know from personal experience, there is a way out! It is possible to get unstuck and create a more satisfying and fulfilling life. That's what I help people do.

What Causes ADD-Like Traits?

If any of the above challenges describe you, it's very likely you have a Creative Personality Type, or you may have ADHD or ADD-like traits. ADD-like traits can be caused by MANY factors including: the environment you live or work in, being overstressed, high sensitivity, depression, poor nutrition, not exercising regularly, allergies, hormonal changes, medications, brain injuries, traumatic childhood, abuse, grief, and many other life situations.

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I'm just learning about this tonight and am amazed - I didn't think there was a known description to what I have experienced all my life. I have almost all of these issues, except that I have learned to be more decisive, although I can be impulsive sometimes. How does one start to get help for this? (without going broke)
January 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCapeEllyn

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